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Let's talk budget

Whether you are planning an over-the-top wedding for 500 guests, an intimate gathering, or anything in between, there are so many vendor options available to you!

Let's face it, wedding planning can be overwhelming, especially if you are on a tight budget. But there is no need to stress! In a perfect (non-existent) world, brides would have an unlimited budget and be able to splurge on every aspect of the wedding. Here in reality it is important to prioritize. Is your heart set on glamming up the venue? Maybe featuring lots of floral and greenery is at the top of your list? Or are you looking for an all-inclusive venue that will handle the details? Whatever is most important to you will encompass a larger chunk of the budget. This will help you decide how much room you have for the other details on your list.

Photo by Lexie Rae Photography

Pro-tip: When seeking vendor pricing, be specific about your budget. There are so many posts on the Marketplace looking for "cheap", "affordable", or "reasonable" priced venues, decor, florists, etc. but it is important to explain what is reasonable to you! Doing so will help attract only the vendors or recommendations that are within your price range, saving you a lot of time and headache sorting through the others that aren't a good fit.

You know you want to avoid that headache & focus on the good stuff. You're getting married!

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